Thursday, April 15, 2010

Halo 2: Not a bang, but a whimper

Anyone else play Halo 2 last night, during its supposed swan song on its last eve before being shut down for online play?

Did it suck as much for you as it did for me?

I've admittedly got a bit of a Halo fixation. Partly because I write about games, and it's a juggernaut in the market; partly because I genuinely enjoy the franchise. Enjoyed.

Last night, as Microsoft prepared to kill the game that is allegedly holding the Xbox Live service back (I'm sure it's not because it's potentially eating into other game sales and online play), I tried to get a bunch of long-standing Halo friends together to play.

In the end, there was only me.

See, you had to update Xbox Live to play the game. Then update the title (with artificially downrez'ed retro original XBL update screen, but points for trying). Then update all 4 map packs.

That was too much for people, and they fell away, went back to Modern Warfare 2, and it was just me.

Playing game after game that was only team slayer, and only ever on two maps. Glad I took the time to re-download all of the others.

And, like I posted last night, I was reminded why I don't like playing with those cartoons that make up online anonymous idiocy. I am frightened by how many dysfunctional people don't seem to realize they're racist social troglodytes.

And, Halo 2 evidently isn't dead, yet, as people have been playing it today, well after the midnight (PST) cutoff. Mistake? Mea culpa for a sucky last night? Unholy tryst?

Dunno. Stopped caring. Last night was aw bit of a stake in the heart of my sentimentality. Maybe I'll refresh it offline for my friend's once-a-year offline Halo / Halo 2 weekend, but probably not much beyond that.

Should have gone out with a bang, but it's just kind of fizzling out.

At least people who played last night will supposedly be getting free stuff.

Oh, wait; I haven't seen that, either.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Wicked cool video game commercial

Written and directed by Patrick Jean and DPed by Matias Boucard, this may be one of the cooler commercial / video game vids I've seen in some time:

I'd love to link to these two guys, but "DIVISION" is a sucky name for a company when you're trying to Google it, and it turns out there are a ton of "Matias Boucard, Director of Photography" out there. Who knew?