Friday, January 06, 2012

More than just CoD

Full disclosure: I dig the Call of Duty / Modern Warfare franchise. I own all of them. I play through the single-player campaigns and multiplayer slaughterfests in each of them.

But there are other games.

My clan has a newsgroup that started years ago as a regional Halo clan (we still have twice yearly, massive linkfests), evolved to a Modern Warfare clan, and now has directed offshoots into Borderlands, Earth Defense Force, and other team-based forays.

Today, someone asked if he could be taken off of non-CoD messages. I piped in that there are other games out there.

His (tongue-in-cheek) response?

"There are other games than cod?"

My (more tongue-in-cheek) response?

"I've heard tell of games -- other games -- that exist in the Wilds of Gameslanderz.

"Games with stories. With characters you believe in. Games not all 'bout killin', and cussin', and being pwned by 12-year-olds.

"It's probably a myth. But, [muted], it's a beautiful myth."

There are other games. Go play them.