Sunday, June 27, 2010

E3 2010 - A great and limited view

I'm a bit late on my post-E3 coverage, but that's (mostly) because I was in the thick of it for the event itself.

If you caught the Nintendo press event, yeah, I was that Adam Creighton blessed with sharing the stage with the amazing Warren Spector, as he and Nintendo announced Disney Epic Mickey as an exclusive for the Wii, due holiday of this year.

In addition to the Nintendo event, Warren and I spent probably 12-14 hours each day of E3 doing demos, interviews, and game- and studio-related meetings. The game (thankfully) has been tremendously well received, people are excited by what they've seen, they want to see more, and they have lots of questions.

Hang tight. I'm not the official outlet. ;-)

I will say I am stoked to be working on a game that -- as a core gamer and as a family gamer -- has me so wicked excited.

But that meant I didn't get to see a lot of E3 itself, other than the overall spectacle, and a few moments with various game devs. I still may write a bit about my thoughts of the games and tech of this year's show -- some really good stuff there.

Like the Nintendo 3DS. Spent a lot of time with that. That thing's Teh Shizzle.