Thursday, October 13, 2011

I want Microsoft to target me more

I remember reading years ago a comment an analyst made about targeted advertising, and rather than complaining about the future of personalized adverts, he welcomed it.

"Advertisements only about stuff I'm interested in and that I actually might want to buy? If only!"

I was thinking about that with my gameplay experience, particularly Microsoft's Xbox Live.

It's really harder than it should be -- and requires too much active effort on my part -- to keep up with all of my games, new DLC, upcoming stuff, and the massive amount of rotating XBL (or PSN, or Steam, or ...) deals.

What I'd like is for the "My Xbox" section of my dashboard to show things like "Minerva's Den [BioShock 2 DLC] is 50% off this week!"

Or, "New The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim videos are available" (because they know I watched a few videos about the title).

Or, it would serve up developer commentary videos for a specific game, when they know I've played the demo.

Ideally, this would be customizable, so I could click and record a "not interested" response, and get things moved down in my virtual interest queue.

Basically think of it like a Netflix dashboard, where XBL, PSN's "What's New", Steam, and whatever storefront with which the Wii U ends up are serving up "You might also like", "Top 10 for Adam", etc.

Oh, and profile / identity tagging (which Netflix does NOT have), so my wife isn't messing up my queue (No, I did not watch/play that romantic comedy game where everything worked out in the end so please don't suggest "The Bachelor: The True Story" to me.)

I know it's coming. I'm lazy and impatient, so I hope it's coming sooner than later.